Tomato Tattoo prides itself on providing the most sterile and safe tattooing environment in the City of Chicago. Your safety and welfare will never be compromised is our promise to you. We feature:

  • All new solid stainless steel needles
  • All steel tubes are ultrasonically cleaned
  • All steel tubes are double autoclaved or one time use disposable tubes
  • Our autoclave sterilizes at 273 degrees F. for 55 minutes at 17 lbs PSI
  • All artists wear new disposable gloves
  • All work stations are 100% cleanable and 100% disinfected prior to procedures

These are the most important but by no means all of the safety precautions we take in applying tattoos. Please call us with any questions regarding the tattoo procedure or our safety precautions at Tomato Tattoo  (630) 241-0669